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Viscacha Data

Viscacha Data provides data to help professional investors and industry leaders make smarter and faster decisions. Our flagship datasets provide a unique level of detail on inventory and sales on consumer goods retailers and manufacturers in big box and specialty retail space.

Data Coverage

Sales of all products sold in 1,898 Target stores are covered in our dataset. Each day, the retailer’s website sitemaps are checked for all products current sold by the retailer. This list is used to identify which products can be sold in stores (versus online-only), and all products eligible to be sold in store are checked on a daily basis.

Prices are collected at the store-level to capture variation between locations. These prices are tracked on a weekly basis so promotions and discounts are reflected in the data.

Our data is built on the principles of accuracy and resiliency. Collection of this dataset uses multiple failsafes to ensure a robust stream of data. Removing the core features we leverage would require a wholesale rebuild of Target’s e-commerce infrastructure.

March 19, 2021 / Business

Ace Hardware Sales in Extreme Weather: Texas, Winter 2021

From Viscacha Data
Realtime sales and inventory information can be useful to look at both short- and long-term trends. Previously, Viscacha has written about how long-term changes in weather factors like temperature impact sales by category. Here, we dive into the immediate effects of an extreme weather event on a home improvement retailer. Ace Hardware’s sales swung dramatically during Texas’s unusually harsh 2021 winter. Viscacha’s subscribers were able to see in real time which products and categories were spiking and by how much.
March 8, 2021 / Business

Understanding Growing Market Concentration in Retail

From Viscacha Data
Antitrust has returned to the limelight with the rise of tech giants after enforcement fell during the Reagan administration. While public focus and congressional hearings have centered around market power among FAANGs, the potential for stronger antitrust regulation contained in proposals like that of Senator Amy Klobuchar would also have implications for large retailers and CPG brands. Viscacha Data’s store-level price and sales data helps to produce nuanced insights into antitrust risk that could result from changes in pricing strategy, mergers and acquisitions, and exclusive distribution agreements.