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Privacy Policy

To best serve you, NoMad Data (as in NoMad Data LLC), the company that runs www.dfdnews.com uses some of your data to create a better news platform. We want to be respectful and transparent about how we do that.

California users should read the important information here.

First, how do we get information?

  • When you register for newsletters (your email address and topics you’re interested in).
  • When you complete a survey or enter a contest.
  • When you visit our website or open our newsletter, we use cookies, pixel tags and other technology to understand how you interact with Derived From Data. This includes information like what type of a device you’re using and which links you open. We may use this information to tailor content and advertising we display to you during your visit. We can also use it to, for example, tell Facebook that one of its users also reads Derived From Data.

So here are some of the key things Derived From Data does with your data:

  • First and foremost, we use your information to get Derived From Data services to you, including to send you newsletters and respond to your inquiries.
  • We may remove your name and email address from your information and combine it with other users’ information to make information for statistics. Which articles are users visiting most? How do they get to those articles? Do users that come directly to our homepage return the next day?
  • We customize the content and advertising you see.
  • We help advertisers understand who views their ads on Derived From Data. How many users viewed the ads? What were those users’ estimated income ranges (we get these estimates from a vendor)? Did users’ engagement with the ads vary based on where the ad was placed on the website or in our newsletter?
  • If you register with Derived From Data, we may market our services to you based on a combination of the information you provide to us, the information we collect via cookies and other technology, and information about you we may get from data providers. We also use cookies and pixel tags on our sites to tailor advertising and content we display to you on Derived From Data.
  • We partner with third-party platforms, including social media platforms to market new Derived From Data products to you. For example, we might ask Facebook to monitor our website to identify Facebook users who also read Derived From Data. We could then ask Facebook to advertise a new economics newsletter to Facebook users who read an economics article on Dervied From Data in the last week. When we do this, Facebook does not share your personal information with us.
  • We may share your information with third-party platforms (described above), advertising providers (when we use cookies and other technology, these advertising providers may collect information directly from you for advertising), and service providers (but only to help us run our business, like to manage our subscribers’ email addresses). We may also share your information as part of a transaction (like a merger) or bankruptcy, or in connection with legal issues or violations of this Privacy Policy or our Terms of Use.

What we don’t do:

  • Track your activity on sites that are not owned by Derived From Data.
  • Sell personally identifiable information to any third parties.
  • Store a long history of your data such as your last 3 jobs or places of residence.

Remember, you have choices.

  • You can always opt out of any newsletter or promotional email by clicking “Unsubscribe” at the bottom of the email. We might still send you some important emails, like responding to you by email if you send us a request or comment.
  • You can change your mobile device settings to stop sharing location information with our mobile app.
  • If you don’t want your browser to accept any cookies, you can change your browser settings, BUT the Derived From Data services may not function properly. FYI, Derived From Data does not respond to any Do Not Track signals that your browser may send.
  • Read more: DFD Tracking Choices; Advertising Choices; Do Not Track Signals.

For our readers outside US:

Derived From Data is a US-based news organization, so we apply US law to our privacy practices. This means that wherever you are in the world, this Privacy Policy will apply to the information you provide to us or we collect when you read Derived From Data.

Contact us: Feel free to contact us with your questions, requests, comments, or concerns at privacy@dfdnews.com.