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Our mission is to create a clear way to understand workforce and talent across companies.

We focus on employment data because we think that employers and employees suffer from a lack of shared understanding of how talent aligns with organizational goals. By providing a shared source of workforce intelligence, we see a world where the allocation of human capital is as efficient and scientific as the allocation of financial capital, resulting in a more engaged and better performing workforce for all companies. We are a team of data scientists, engineers, economists, and designers with unique expertise in evaluating complex data to derive valuable insights.

September 16, 2021 / Business

“Can You Hear Me Now?”: How WFH Transformed Labor Markets

From Revelio Labs
At the onset of the pandemic, working from home became the new reality. At a time when more and more employers are reopening their offices and asking their employees to go back to in-person work, we are looking at how remote job postings evolved and how it transformed the labor markets. In early 2020, the share of remote job postings quickly increased during the initial lockdowns. More interestingly, however, the trend has since continued upwards —the share of job postings that mention “remote” has increased from 1-2% pre-pandemic to 8-9% today.
September 9, 2021 / Business

Regulator Today, Lobbyist Tomorrow

From Revelio Labs
The Revolving Door, the movement of public sector employees to private sector companies, is a heavily scrutinized Washington D.C. phenomenon. The movement between regulators and the companies they regulate can be problematic: when lobbyists turn into regulators, and vice versa, the transparency and fairness of regulatory policy is potentially jeopardized. With our data spanning hundreds of millions of careers, we detect the inflows and outflows of regulators. The charts below show the most frequent transitions out of and into the largest regulatory bodies in the US.
September 2, 2021 / Business

Back To School: Is Private School Worth The Price?

From Revelio Labs
The college admissions scandal of 2019 highlighted the ways that elite private school students are using their resources to secure admission to top tier colleges. This week we focus on whether going to private high schools really improves your chances of getting into a top tier college. And if so, what colleges enroll the most private school students? Prior to 2005 only 40% of the students at top 20 universities were from public schools, but since then there has been a steady increase to 60%.
August 26, 2021 / Business

How To Get The Corner Office

From Revelio Labs
Many compete to make it into the upper echelon of management. But the paths to leadership can be unclear. Based on an analysis of hundreds of millions of careers, we can see which jobs are most likely to be promoted into senior management. Roles in Marketing, Legal and Investment Management used to have the highest chances of promotion into senior management.
August 19, 2021 / Business

What Are The Brainiest Companies? Alternative Careers For PhDs

From Revelio Labs
Doctoral degrees are valuable, not just for employment in research and higher education, but also outside of academia. Academic hiring freezes during the pandemic has resulted in a tough job market for recent PhD graduates, that has sparked a renewed interest in jobs outside of academia for the highly-educated. Below are the companies that employ the highest numbers of doctoral degree holders. Tech companies lead the way, hiring high numbers of PhDs from engineering and computer science.
August 12, 2021 / Business

If Company-Hopping Was An Olympic Sport, Which Country Would Get The Gold?

From Revelio Labs
The amount of time employees stay with a single company can tell us a lot about the regional labor market. Short tenures can be a sign of labor market instability, but can also be a consequence of a natural dynamism in regional labor markets, as employees and employers go through several iterations to find a good fit. Below, we take a look at the median employee tenure by country.
August 5, 2021 / Business

The future of technology is open source. Which companies haven’t gotten the memo?

From Revelio Labs
Open source software -- that anyone can see, modify, and distribute the source code free of charge -- offers a publicly-accessible, and free alternative to proprietary software. Many companies have embraced collaborative software over the last decade and have achieved massive success. But as the open source movement picks up the pace, which companies missed the memo? By tracking the skills most associated with open source -- Python, and R -- and their proprietary counterparts -- MATLAB, SPSS, SAS, and Stata -- we’ve ranked the workforces most skilled in open source.
July 29, 2021 / Business

What Is The Most Powerful Corporate Alumni Network?

From Revelio Labs
Companies are increasingly building alumni networks, enabling former employees to stay connected. These networks offer powerful benefits, not only for the employees but for the companies themselves, such as improving the quality of new talent and building stronger strategic partnerships. So in this new type of corporate community, which company has the most powerful alumni network?
July 22, 2021 / Business

Workout From Home: How The Pandemic Has Transformed Wellness

From Revelio Labs
In the first half of 2021 there was an unprecedented surge in demand for mental health and fitness services. Tracking the salaries for health coaches over time, we see not only a recovery from the pandemic, but also an extremely rapid spike in 2021. But how are these new demands changing the wellness economy? This rising demand for wellness services has resulted in large salary increases for specific roles. In the figure below, we see that coaches, counselors, and support workers have the highest growth in salaries.
July 15, 2021 / Business

Which Companies Promote Most From Within?

From Revelio Labs
Every company faces a choice of where to source their management team: from within the company or from outside? The implications of this choice are enormous. Leaders that are groomed internally already know the business and can easily fit within the corporate culture. However, leaders from outside often come with more proven track records.
July 7, 2021 / Business

July 4th Special: Which Companies Hire Veterans?

From Revelio Labs
Recruitment of veterans is a big value for US employers, many of which invest in large initiatives to hire more from this highly trained and heroic talent pool. This week we explore which companies are leading the pack to employ veterans and which ones are falling behind. Below is a ranking of companies by the share of veterans in their workforce. Among those with the highest shares, we see many security intelligence companies:
July 1, 2021 / Economy

Does Dollar General Cause Food Deserts?

From Revelio Labs
Dollar General has been accused of causing food deserts in low-income areas. While there is an abundance of anecdotal evidence on this, there has been little empirical evidence. By tracking Dollar General employees and comparing them to traditional grocery store employees, we are able to better understand the relationship between Dollar General and food deserts. Although both Dollar General and traditional grocery stores have been growing steadily
June 24, 2021 / Economy

Why You Shouldn’t Worry About Inflation Yet

From Revelio Labs
Fears of inflation are heating up. But wages are telling a different story. This week we explore salaries to see what industries and jobs are most affected. In a previously published newsletter titled, Labor Markets are Not as Healthy as They Look, we documented an 8.8% decrease in salaries from March to August 2020. In the figure below, we continue to observe a similar trend by looking at the average salary for the past 3 years.
June 17, 2021 / Business

Do Companies Devolve To A Monoculture?

From Revelio Labs
There has been a great deal of attention brought to racial and gender inequities in the United States. And investors are now beginning to support companies that are trying to diversify their workforce. But even if these companies change their hiring behavior, is the tenure of the new diverse workforce consistent with the greater company’s? After hiring minority talent, a company could, seemingly, still converge towards a demographic monoculture. Not only would this be a vicious cycle, but also potentially hinder diversity of thought and productivity.
June 10, 2021 / Business

Revelio Labs & Glassdoor Collaboration: What Workplace Factors Drive Attrition?

From Revelio Labs
Attrition -- the loss of employees to turnover, retirement, or layoffs -- is one of the most important challenges employers face in managing a workforce. Excessive attrition can hurt business performance by impinging on productivity, morale and institutional knowledge. Understanding employment dynamics is especially timely given the increasing rate of workers leaving their job since the end of the Great Recession and the disruption caused by the Covid-19 pandemic.
June 3, 2021 / Culture

Which PhD Fields Are Growing The Fastest?

From Revelio Labs
Doctoral degrees hold the promise of increased earnings, interesting research opportunities, and part/full time teaching positions. Some fields of PhD study have a long and storied history, like Chemistry and Physics, whereas other fields are new and rapidly growing, such as Machine Learning and Computer Science. One question we set out to answer was how PhD fields have changed over time, and if there are general patterns we can identify to predict changes in PhD field growth?
May 12, 2021 / Economy, Business

So You Majored In English. Can You Still Get A Job At Google?

From Revelio Labs
Big tech companies have long been considered highly attractive places to work. They pay well, offer top notch perks, and are full of talented people working on difficult technical problems. Being tech companies, most of their workforce is composed of jobs that require technical skills.
May 6, 2021 / Business

Which Consulting Firms Hire The Top Talent?

From Revelio Labs
Consulting firms have long been a career launching pad to young professionals, promising a feather in the proverbial career cap to employees in exchange for grueling work hours. A key part of this bargain is that consulting firms select top students which add to the prestige of the firm itself.
April 28, 2021 / Investing

Who’s Invested In Blockchain?

From Revelio Labs
It seems like everywhere you turn there’s another company touting plans to focus on crypto. And after years of downplaying the technology, JP Morgan is the latest to join the crypto craze with the recent announcement that they are hiring for blockchain. Is this really a significant hiring trend or merely a small one laced with PR opportunities?By looking at all of the positions with the “blockchain” keyword, we’re able to identify companies with the greatest count of these positions:
April 15, 2021 / Economy

How Do Uber And Lyft Compete?

From Revelio Labs
Uber and Lyft have, for a long time, been the market leaders in the growing rideshare industry, but their competitive dynamics have been anything but constant. In many ways, they can be thought of as a duopoly, fighting for dominance, but in other ways, they are competing simultaneously in many local submarkets. Uber’s overall market share, relative to Lyft, has been falling over the last ten years. By breaking down this market into the territories it serves, we’re able to see this share broken down further. It appears that Uber dominates smaller markets without much competition, but Lyft has a much larger relative footprint in larger cities.