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StreetLight Data

October 15, 2021 / Travel

Traffic ReLAXed: The Effects of COVID-19 on Car Travel at Los Angeles International Airport

From StreetLight Data
When the COVID-19 pandemic upended the world’s travel activity in 2020, no transportation systems felt the effects more acutely than airports and airlines. Los Angeles International Airport (LAX), which ranked as the busiest origin-destination airport in the world prior to the pandemic, saw a staggering 96% drop in passengers in April 2020 as compared with the year prior.
March 25, 2021 / Economy

Where Did People Relocate During 2020’s Pandemic?

From StreetLight Data
As we mark one whole year of living through the COVID pandemic, much has changed in our daily lives. There is significant interest in understanding changes to many of our regular behaviors, including how we work, learn, and shop. What will become permanent, and what will “return to normal”? For example, much has been made about an “urban exodus” during the pandemic – people leaving cities for the more relaxed countryside. But is this true? If so, what does it mean for transportation?
July 24, 2020 / Culture

Corona Bicycle Metrics: Where Bicycling Increased and (Surprise!) Decreased

From StreetLight Data
Bike shops sold out quickly, and cyclists seemed to be everywhere during May’s widespread stay-home orders. But were Americans actually cycling more? Our analysis provides cycling facts instead of anecdotes about cycling during COVID. And some of the results surprised us.