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Whether youre a seasoned or new user of alternative data, 1010data Equity Insights has a proven history of reliable products that can help you master the companies youre covering inside and out. We provide the industrys shortest lag times with a rich data history to ensure you have the earliest reads with the cleanest data for trending. Powered by the sophistication of 1010datas renowned Edge platform technology, our solutions are flexible, easy-to-use and deliver daily insights to enhance your investment decisions.

September 2, 2020 / Economy

Consumer Analytics: Staying Ahead of Change

From 1010 data
McKinsey, in a recent article “Meet the next-normal consumer” noted that companies will need data to increase their investment in insights to stay ahead of change and as critical to helping shape a positive future. In fact, in times of unprecedented change leveraging data and analytics to create insights to changing consumer behaviors can fuel successful corporate strategies.
June 26, 2020

Retail Giants Couldn’t See This Coming

From 1010 data
In April alone, 24% of new online customers were World’s Largest Retailer shoppers for the first time. Without the appropriate tools, you may have missed this too. In just a few months the onset of COVID-19 has created previously unimaginable changes to our personal lives and to the business landscape. While some of these changes will become part of a new normal, other behaviors may revert back to the way they were pre-COVID, creating both challenges and opportunities for brands and retailers.
May 15, 2020 / Culture

Data shows Americans are beginning to adjust to COVID life

From Stefan Cangea
Based on figures from 1010Data, a leading provider of consumer transaction data, we notice that Americans have begun venturing outside. Some have even returned to discretionary shopping. As of mid-April, while state governments were still strongly recommending citizens to shelter-in-place, consumer activity had picked up noticeably. Visitors to big-box stores rose from a 51.2% YoY increase on April 18th to an 80.4% YoY increase on April 30th.
May 5, 2020 / Business

Credit Card Receipts show consumer spending marched up for the 4th week in a row, recovering 16% from the trough

From Brad Schneider
With the US economy mostly shut, the impact to consumer spending has been dramatic. By examining transaction data from leading data provider 1010data, we can see the extent of the magnitude of damage to the consumer economy. Prior to the European travel ban which went into effect in mid-March, weekly consumer spending in the US was fluctuating between -5% and 5% in terms of year over year growth. Within two weeks after the travel ban was implemented, credit card expenditures tracked by 1010data had falled 46%. After two weeks of bouncing along this spending trough, the US consumer has finally started to show signs of reacceleration. Peak weekly spending for the past four weeks has improved sequentially YoY: -35%, -34%, -32% and had recovered to -30% as of a week ago.
April 8, 2020 / Economy

US Consumer Spending nosedived at the end of Q1

From Brad Schneider

According to data from 1010data, a company tracking US credit card spending behavior, consumer spending collapsed at the end of March.

Spending on consumer credit and debit cards in the US had been mostly flat year over year heading into the European travel ban. Beginning on March 13th there was a freefall in spending which hit a bottom at a 46.3% year over year decline. Overall spend recovered slightly to down 32.9% by April 1st.

Diving into the specific sectors of the economy that have been impacted, Travel was by far the worst, declining 90% in overall spend.

The data from 1010data paints a scary picture for how the rest of 2020 is likely to play out. As discretionary spends come to a halt it will ripple through the supply chains of the companies impacted and ultimately lead to more layoffs in the future.