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Aayush Sethi

Aayush is a Data Analyst at Derived from Data News.

He is a MS candidate at San Francisco State University, studying Economics and Data Science. He is the Founder and President of the school’s UNICEF club. Aayush has over 3 years of data analytics and analytics experience across sectors like SAAS, politics, and sports analytics.

In his spare time Aayush writes a weekly soccer analytics magazine under the name of Del/Data.

December 8, 2020 / Culture

Hardware stores have become a favorite destination during the COVID-19 pandemic

From Aayush Sethi
According to data from Foursquare, a location technology platform, Americans are visiting hardware stores in record numbers. In fact, out of 11 essential businesses for which Foursquare monitors foot traffic data, hardware stores topped the chart. Liquor stores are a distant second while clothing stores are in last place. The data is indexed to February activity levels and normalized to account for age, gender and geographical bias.