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Founded in 2011, Aurora Mobile is a leading mobile developer service provider in China, and a pioneer in providing mobile developer services such as push notification, instant messaging, analytics, sharing and short message service (SMS).

Aurora Mobile has accumulated data from approximately 1.45 million mobile applications that have utilized the Company’s developer services and nearly 33.6 billion installations of the Company’s software development kits (SDKs), with monthly active unique device base of nearly 1.36 billion, as of December 2019. Based on Aurora Mobile’s vast data coverage and insights garnered, the Company has expanded its offerings into big data solutions, including targeted marketing, financial risk management, market intelligence and location-based intelligence.

By utilizing artificial intelligence and machine learning, Aurora Mobile strives to help improve productivity for businesses and society through harnessing the power of mobile big data to derive actionable insights and knowledge.

June 4, 2020

China’s slow journey toward recovery

From Brad Schneider
All eyes continue to look to China as a barometer for what a recovery might look like elsewhere from the COVID shock. China’s recovery is now almost two and a half months old for a majority of cities that were shut down. We worked with data from Jigaung to understand how the recovery has been progressing.
May 11, 2020 / Economy

China mall visitation remains down nearly 50% from last year even after re-open

From Brad Schneider
China’s Jiguang is one of the country’s leading providers of geolocation information. By analyzing their data we can look across China to better understand how the country is snapping back post the re-opening of Wuhan and the rest of the country.