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Fable Data

We are Europe’s leading source of transaction data. We provide data and insights services from consumer and small business transaction data from millions of users within European banks, credit card providers and fintechs.

June 4, 2021 / Business

UK Food Delivery: Our latest insights on whether consumer growth will slow post-lockdown

From Fable Data
As we start what we hope will be a return to normality, Fable Data asks: how permanent are these new patterns of consumer behaviour? How predictive is the data from the last year? Where do we see industry players holding onto their gains, and where do we anticipate a reversal to pre-pandemic positions? Food Delivery spend was already growing between 20%-30% YoY in the quarters prior to March 2020, when the first lockdown occurred.
February 11, 2021 / Business

Grocery sector gains are sustained into 2021, as basket sizes continue to increase

From Fable Data
There is no question that spend in the Grocery sector has been elevated as a result of the pandemic – the real questions are by how much, and how that will change in 2021. Fable Data tracks real-time consumer spending, allowing us to provide valuable insights into the Grocery sector. In 2020, Grocery spend was up c. +12% YoY. The highest growth for this sector was seen in Q2, with spend up c.+18% YoY, as lockdown restrictions were put in place.
June 5, 2020

EU Consumer Economy Report

From Fable Data
The recovery of spend in the UK and Germany continues month on month, however the trend is slowing – this week both countries plateaued. Transport-related categories across the UK and Germany (e.g. Fuel, Taxicabs and Limousines, Public Transport) YoY performance improved modestly versus last week, although still down YoY. UK Hardware Stores’ YoY growth continued again this week, although in Germany this has slowed.
May 29, 2020

EU Consumer Economy Report

From Fable Data
In light of the ever changing situation surrounding Covid-19, Fable Data publishes a weekly report to reveal the magnitude of the daily fluctuations across the European consumer economy. Our data shows the shift in spending trends by category, region and demographic subgroups, helping decision-makers make better decisions in this challenging environment.