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Apptopia is a mobile data company that provides competitive intelligence services to Brands, App Developers, SDK Sales Teams, and Investors (Public and Private). Our standard performance estimates cover over 7M apps in over 60 countries and include estimates for Downloads, Revenue, Daily Active Users (DAU), Monthly Active Users (MAU), Sessions, and Total Time Spent. Additionally, we provide factual observations of Store Rank and app meta-data such as app name, description, category, and more.

September 21, 2022 / Business

Top QSR apps in the U.S. for August 2022 by Downloads

From Apptopia
The top 10 quick-service restaurant apps in the U.S. were downloaded 10.3 million times in August, 14.8 percent less than those the month prior. Year-over-year in the month of August, downloads of the top 36 quick-service restaurant apps are up 18.9 percent. A download represents a new user and the first conversion on the mobile app customer’s journey. While the order has changed, every one of July’s 10 most downloaded quick-service restaurant apps have returned in August’s lineup. Dunkin’ moved up two spots from No. 9 to No. 7, very likely due to the release of its pumpkin spice flavored drinks and treats.
September 20, 2022 / Business

Cash advance apps grow 69% year-over-year, more than other fintech sectors

From Apptopia
The vibes surrounding consumer financial companies are not what they used to be, but Apptopia data makes one think the negative sentiment has gone too far. While installs (new users) of top consumer fintech apps are down 14% year-over-year in Q3, they are up 19.4% over Q3 in 2020. This is more of a situation where water is finding its level. Still, that doesn't mean that things are not shifting and responding to economic activity. Certain sectors of the fintech industry are being hit harder than others, while some are growing as opportunity (via inflation) presents itself.
September 14, 2022 / Business

Q2 Earnings Review: Mobile signals that outsmarted consensus

From Apptopia
In Q2, Apptopia's mobile data identified leading indicators and trend shifts in tickers weeks ahead of consensus for a number of stocks, as mobile performance correlates with company key performance indicators. As our team has worked alongside investors to uncover correlations that can help predict earnings outcomes, we find cases every quarter where the nuances to mobile performance metrics make all the difference. For example, when Netflix went after password-sharing, it impacted the metrics that mattered.
September 14, 2022 / Business

The average price of in-app purchases have increased 40% on iOS and 9% on Google Play since last year

From Apptopia
The average price of an in-app purchase (IAP) in the U.S. on the iOS App Store has increased 40% year-over-year (YoY) in the month of July. That number is 9% on the Google Play store. With the Consumer Price Index up 8.5% YoY, people are seeing prices rise almost everywhere. Apptopia data has been tracking consumer behavioral shifts due to these rising prices, and we now see the app stores are no exception.
September 9, 2022 / Business

Top Sports Betting apps gain half a million new installs last week

From Apptopia
As college football kicked off in the U.S. on August 27, the top 5 Sports Betting apps did too, accumulating half a million downloads through Labor Day. This combined new install count among DraftKings, FanDuel, BetMGM, Barstool, and Caesars is up 39% from the same period last year. Barstool Sportsbook's daily downloads grew the most between the two weeks, reaching a 329% increase on Sunday. Its growth slowed Monday, while second-fastest grower FanDuel continued to pickup, and the two apps met at 257%.
September 1, 2022 / Business

Amazon sets new record for monthly downloads in August, thanks to back to school shoppers

From Apptopia
Amazon just had its best month of U.S. downloads on record, bringing in 5.5 million downloads this August. The 65% year-over-year (YoY) growth for the month is also its highest YoY growth rate for any given month in the last seven years. Setting this record in August signals that Amazon has hit it off with back to school shoppers — the target audience of its multimillion dollar ad campaigns for the past two months — even as brick and mortar retail app performance is stronger than ever this quarter.
August 25, 2022 / Business

Peloton IAP Revenue grew 200% since CEO transition

From Apptopia
Peloton IAP Revenue reached a new all-time-high in May, earning 41% above its previous best month, May 2021. Since April, monthly IAP Revenue estimates have been above the May 2021 peak. While IAP Revenue has never looked better for Peloton, monthly active users (MAU) declined -36% year-over-year (YoY) in Q2 and negative YoY growth continues in the summer months. Average MAU for Peloton and fitness competitors (Nordic Track, Echelon, Bowflex) has declined -53% since April 2021, as Gym and Fitness Studio apps grew average MAU 84%.
August 24, 2022 / Business

For Beauty, D2C Apparel apps, mobile engagement is already past holiday shopping highs

From Apptopia
Beauty Retail and Direct-to-Consumer (D2C) Apparel apps are driving more daily active users (DAU) in the last 30 days than during the peak of 2021 holiday shopping. Daily users engaging with D2C Apparel apps have increased 5% from December 2021, and 2% for Beauty Retail apps. Historically for these retail categories, they reach a new all-time-high engagement rate each December. In the last three years, the record engagement would not be surpassed until Q4.
August 17, 2022 / Business

Meditation app user sessions fell 48% from their height in Q2 2020, and are continuing to fall

From Apptopia
Calm just announced it is laying off 20% of its staff. The top two meditation apps have had a steady downward trend for engagement metrics since January 2021. User sessions of Calm are down 26.4% YoY in July, and Headspace is down a whopping 60.3%. As you can see in the graphic below, Calm did get a bump at the beginning of the year when almost all health & fitness apps have their best few months, but it started to decline dramatically shortly after Memorial Day.
August 16, 2022 / Business

Top QSR apps in the U.S. for July 2022 by Downloads

From Apptopia
The top 10 quick-service restaurant apps in the U.S. were downloaded 12.1 million times in July, 16.3 percent more than those the month prior. Year-over-year in the month of July, downloads of the top 36 quick-service restaurant apps are up 42.2 percent. A download represents a new user and the first conversion on the mobile app customer’s journey.
August 12, 2022 / Business

Less expensive streaming options Peacock TV and Paramount+ are gaining market share while Disney+ raises prices

From Apptopia
Competition for non-niche streaming video subscription apps is growing, but not just in terms of the number of players - in terms of actual performance. The fastest growing SVOD (subscription video on-demand) apps, by way of in-app purchase revenue, are Peacock TV, Paramount+ and discovery+. Over the past 12 months, they've grown by 133%, 107% and 25%, respectively.
August 10, 2022 / Business

Home Depot mobile growth doubles Lowe’s, year-to-date

From Apptopia
The Home Depot is climbing the ranks of Retail apps. For two quarters in a row, Home Depot gained twice as many new installs than direct competitor, Lowe's. It's was also the 11th most-downloaded Shopping app in the U.S. in Q2 2022, up from #20 a year ago. On average between the two home improvement competitors, Home Depot has pulled in 100% more monthly downloads since January. A paid App Store Optimization (ASO) keyword strategy appears to be a key driver to Home Depot’s comfortable margin ahead of Lowe's this year.
August 2, 2022 / Business

Meal Kit app usage grows 98% since Q4 2021 as Meal Delivery apps stagnate

From Apptopia
Meal Delivery app engagement is stagnating for the second year in a row, giving Meal Kit apps room to grow monthly active users (MAU) 98% from last year. MAU among the top 7 U.S. Meal Kit apps jumped 42% in Q1 2022 from Q4 2021, and another 56% in Q2. Meanwhile, MAUs among top Meal Delivery apps grew 1% and 2% across the same timeline. As Americans realize economic pressures, mobile data shows that high cost conveniences may be being cut. The Ultrafast Delivery app market (Getir, Gopuff, etc.) is a perfect poster child example. In Q2, it declined growth for the first time in two years at a -30% loss.
July 28, 2022 / Business

The Most Downloaded Health & Fitness Apps in H1 2022

From Apptopia
In its first appearance on our download leader charts, Sweatcoin is the most downloaded Health & Fitness app in H1 2022. Flo Period and Ovulation Tracker held the top spot for the full year 2021, but is losing its grip globally and, in particular in the U.S., as the Roe v. Wade decision surfaced mainstream media conversations about Flo's not-so-distant past sharing sensitive user data.
July 27, 2022 / Business

Top 10 Food & Drink Apps for H1 2022 by Downloads

From Apptopia
McDonald's leads all Food & Drink apps in new installs for the first half of the year by a healthy margin, beating out its top contender in Uber Eats by 70%. Looking back at the full year 2021 app download leaders, it was also McDonald's which led the pack. In addition to the Food & Drink category leaders, we've also posted the overall download leaders for H1 2022.
July 21, 2022 / Business

Top QSR apps in the U.S. for June 2022 by Downloads

From Apptopia
The top 10 quick-service restaurant apps in the U.S. were downloaded 10.4 million times in June, 3.7 percent less than those the month prior. Year-over-year in the month of June, downloads of the top 36 quick-service apps are up 35 percent. A download represents a new user and the first conversion on the mobile app customer’s journey.
July 20, 2022 / Business

Discord surpasses 500M downloads, as engagement doubles Twitch, TikTok

From Apptopia
Discord just surpassed 500M lifetime downloads and $100M in-app purchase (IAP) revenue. Originally started in 2015 as a VoIP and instant messaging social platform for the gaming community, today it serves a wide spectrum of interest groups, connecting them in "servers" to chat via text, video, or audio. The average session time per daily active user (DAU) on Discord is twice as long as that of streaming platform Twitch, and more than double that of Facebook Gaming, Facebook, TikTok, Reddit, and Snap.
July 19, 2022 / Business

Top 10 Entertainment Apps for H1 2022 by Downloads

From Apptopia
Spotify is the most installed entertainment app through the first half of 2022. We've also posted the overall download leaders for H1 2022. Spotify was #9 globally but did not break into the U.S. list. Even with Netflix's struggles, it's consistently being downloaded more than its competition, just not in its home market of the United States. If we had included TikTok in the Entertainment category (which may happen moving forward), it would have led all apps both globally and in the United States.
July 15, 2022 / Business

The Top 10 Shopping Apps so far in 2022

From Apptopia
Meesho and Shopee are the two most downloaded shopping apps in the world at the halfway mark in 2022. Each have so many downloads that they appear in our Most Downloaded Apps in H1 2022 Worldwide chart, which is a first for shopping apps in the three years that Apptopia has done annual rankings. Shopee ranked first in 2021, but Meesho has been on a fast clip. Over the last 18 months, downloads grew 1400% from the full year 2020.
July 15, 2022 / Business

Top 10 Finance & Banking apps, H1 2022

From Apptopia
PayPal is still dominating the global payments scene, with close to 50 million downloads in the first half of 2022. PhonePe, which is not far behind PayPal, is a bit of a Super app. Used almost exclusively in India, it enables users to do everything from send friends money, buy ecommerce goods, invest in stocks and more. While super apps are less common in the United States, PayPal and Cash App are both heading that way, continually adding abilities to generate a larger share of the market and access more user data.