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Pathmatics provides breakthrough transparency in digital advertising. The company’s patent-pending technology analyzes digital advertising activity and delivers real-time, actionable intelligence to many of the world’s largest advertisers, agencies, publishers and ad tech providers. Pathmatics is headquartered in Santa Monica, CA and is backed by Upfront Ventures, BDMI and other leading venture funds.

January 6, 2021 / Business

The digital ad winners & losers of 2020

From Pathmatics
2020 has come and gone in a flash. It feels like yesterday we were introducing this year’s Super Bowl ads and obsessing over March Madness. Now, we’re talking about the biggest Cyber Week on record and the art of copywriting during the pandemic. The year was filled with highs and lows, advertising campaigns never to be forgotten, and ones you wish you could (looking at you, moldy Whopper). Without further ado, check out a few of advertising’s winners and losers of 2020.
December 28, 2020 / Business

Puma, New Balance & Nike Marketing Trends in November

From Pathmatics
Though quarantine is keeping us at home, Americans aren’t worried about getting all dressed up with no place to go. The sneaker craze continues, so top athletic footwear companies are still putting out new designs. Let’s dive into Pathmatics marketing intelligence and take a closer look at how three of the biggest sneaker companies—Nike, Puma, and New Balance—advertised their new products throughout the month of November.
December 10, 2020 / Business

Apple Marketing: How Apple is Using Digital Advertising in 2020

From Pathmatics
ECommerce was already on the rise before 2020, but the boom has accelerated given consumer hesitance around shopping in brick and mortar locations during the pandemic. This year, home electronics has been the most popular category for eCommerce spending among Americans, so let’s take a closer look at how electronics giant Apple has been promoting its newest products—the iPhone 12 Mini and Max, iPad, Apple Watch and MacBook Air.
November 20, 2020 / Business

Top Advertisers on Walmart.com

From Pathmatics
When it comes to retail nobody does it bigger or better than Walmart. Where else you can find the Rush Hour DVD for $5, a boy yodeling on aisle three, and a crocodile in the frozen food section? Walmart — that’s where. With over 11,500 stores under 56 brand names in 27 countries (and eCommerce sites in 10 countries), they don’t call Walmart a “retail giant” for nothing.
November 13, 2020 / Business

Gaming Advertising Strategies: PlayStation, Xbox & Nintendo

From Pathmatics
Mid-March marked the first week of nationwide quarantines. At that time, The Hollywood Reporter reported that U.S. video game usage during peak hours had increased 75% from the week prior, and that video streaming and overall web traffic had increased by 12% and 20% respectively.
November 5, 2020 / Culture

Polling and Ad Spend - A Political Partnership w/ Embee

From Pathmatics
We’re down to the wire! With Election Day less than 24hrs away, Pathmatics has been hard at work researching the most up-to-date insights. But, to offer a more complete picture, we partnered with Embee to share a glimpse into user trends, experiences and behaviors in Instagram.
November 4, 2020 / Culture

Biden and Trump Spent Millions on YouTube Takeovers. Did it work?

From Pathmatics
In past races, paid advertising campaigns on social channels, specifically Facebook, (and, increasingly, Instagram), has been the top choice for candidates looking to reach a wide audience. This year, in the course of just three months (August-October 2020), we saw investments on YouTube from both candidates nearly triple their respective Facebook investment rates.
November 3, 2020 / Business, Culture

The Digital B(Ad)leground States - Mapping Political Social Spend

From Pathmatics
One of the most consequential elections in modern history, both the Presidential race and several Senate races could determine the course of the country for a generation. Moreover, the battle for votes has become a measurement of digital ad dollars. That makes Facebook, with over 190 million users, and Instagram, with 126 million users, prime territory for political ads.
November 3, 2020 / Culture

Trump and Biden Mention Opponent's Names 9,000 Times in Facebook Ads

From Pathmatics
The two Presidential candidates have little in common, from their stance on foreign policy and healthcare to their advertising strategies and messaging. One thing they do have in common, though? An affinity for mentioning one another in ads--Facebook ads, in particular.
October 27, 2020 / Business

Best Buy Launches Early Black Friday Promotions to Rival Amazon's Prime Day

From Pathmatics
Black Friday and Cyber Monday have been the biggest retail shopping days in recent history. With Prime Day, Amazon made a move to spur another shopping spike in July, which was this year delayed until October 13 and 14 due to the coronavirus pandemic. Not wanting to miss out on the hype, Best Buy announced that it also would offer massive discounts at the same time, calling its version Early Black Friday. So how did these two retail giants compare in terms of their advertising strategies for these first huge retail events of 2020?
October 22, 2020 / Culture

Gap in Digital Ad Spending Narrows for Trump, Biden, as Election Approaches

From Pathmatics
The Trump campaign outspent Biden nearly two-fold from July through September. But, throughout September and October, we've seen the two campaigns battle public attention, starting with a series of back-to-back, YouTube takeovers, followed by a reported uptick in television ads from the Biden campaign.
October 19, 2020 / Business

Follow the Money - Political Advertising in 2020

From Pathmatics
If this year has shown us anything, it’s that politics seems to be about EVERYTHING. From racial inequality to the coronavirus, healthcare, women’s rights, supreme court vacancies, or the economy, the upcoming election is one of the most important in modern history.
October 14, 2020 / Business

3 Most Popular Social Media Sites to Advertise On

From Pathmatics
We probably don’t have to tell you that social media is a big deal. The average person spends 2 ½ hours per day on social media. 3.8 billion people use social media worldwide. 84% of people with Internet access use social media. So with stats like those, advertising on social media is a no brainer. Let’s pull some insight to see which social media sites are the cream of the ad crop.
October 7, 2020 / Business

Fact check: Have these advertisers kept their promise to Stop Hate For Profit?

From Pathmatics
The Stop Hate For Profit campaign sent shockwaves through the social media advertising communities in late June. Brand-name companies such as Unilever, Coca-Cola, Patagonia, Adidas, Verizon, and hundreds of others announced they would halt all Facebook advertising for at least the month of July to protest hate speech, misinformation, and derogatory content across the platform.
September 2, 2020 / Business

Top 5 Instagram Advertisers of the Summer

From Pathmatics
Any other year, most of us would have spent the Summer with friends and family enjoying the great outdoors. This year, however, the pandemic has kept many of us isolated in our homes, staring at our screens, as the days and seasons roll on--and all seem to just blend together. How have these shifts translated to advertiser behavior on Instagram?