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Comscore is a trusted partner for planning, transacting and evaluating media across platforms. With transformative data science and vast audience insights across digital, linear TV, over-the-top (OTT) and theatrical viewership, we are a powerful third-party source for reliable measurement of cross-platform audiences.

June 25, 2021 / Business

Comscore Announces Spectacular Box Office Recovery in France

From Comscore
Comscore (NASDAQ: SCOR), a trusted partner for planning, transacting, and evaluating media across platforms, today announced very positive news for theatrical exhibition in France, with our exclusive data demonstrating how the recovery of the movie theater business is taking shape in the international arena. Key Comscore box office information show that France enjoyed 8.5 million admissions in one month following the reopening of the cinemas on May 19th.
June 2, 2021 / Travel, Business

2021 – a new dawn; but is it day zero, or can we look back too?

From Comscore
When the UK’s restrictions are lifted on June 21, 2021, and a return to the office becomes a reality, as an agency or advertiser it could be very important to know how many people you are likely to reach on their commute with an online ad campaign. If I look only at a recent month of data, I would assume that circa 2m users visit the National Rail website or app in a month.
April 13, 2021 / Business

New Insights on Online Gaming Communities

From Comscore
Comscore (NASDAQ: SCOR), a trusted partner for planning, transacting, and evaluating media across platforms, today shared new audience insights that provide context behind online social gaming platform Roblox’s strong DPO performance in March 2021, and the strong growth in online gaming communities’ reach and engagement, especially amongst younger age groups. In February 2021, Roblox saw 34 million unique U.S. consumers spend 6.3 billion minutes accessing its desktop and mobile gaming platform, a growth of 32% and 39%, respectively. Comparatively, Zynga’s desktop and mobile platforms saw 28 million monthly unique digital visitors.
February 9, 2021 / Business

Comscore and Hive Analyze Marketers’ Game Plans for Connecting with their Audiences in Super Bowl LV

From Comscore
Don’t let the box score fool you. Tom Brady may have won another ring, but Super Bowl LV was hardly a replay for the brands who did (and didn’t) invest in commercials and sponsorships for the big game. For the first time, Comscore (NASDAQ: SCOR), a trusted partner for planning, transacting and evaluating media across platforms, joined forces with Hive, a leading provider of enterprise AI solutions, to analyze marketing within and around TV advertising’s biggest day.
February 3, 2021 / Business

Comscore Finds Online Food Delivery Surge Driving Growth in Digital Payment Usage

From Comscore
New research from Comscore (Nasdaq: SCOR), a trusted partner for planning, transacting and evaluating media across platforms, found digital payments usage in the United States increased as consumers turned to online food delivery services amid the COVID-19 pandemic.
January 25, 2021 / Economy, Business

Comscore Finds Significant Growth in In-Home Data Usage Throughout Pandemic

From Comscore
As millions of Americans sheltered in place and shifted to working from home and remote learning during the COVID-19 pandemic, ongoing research from Comscore (Nasdaq: SCOR), a trusted partner for planning, transacting and evaluating media across platforms, found that overall in-home data usage levels throughout 2020 remained significantly higher than in 2019.
December 21, 2020 / Business

‘Big 3’ Holiday Days Exceed $22 Billion in Online Spending, Grow 25 Percent Year-Over-Year

From Comscore
Top spending day Cyber Monday grew 24 percent to $9.8 billion, while earlier start to holiday shopping season saw online sales pulled forward to Thanksgiving and Black Friday. Given the pandemic and its impact on in-person retail sales, we expected a big start to the online holiday shopping season.
December 14, 2020 / Business

Online Retail Visits Up 22 Percent Year-Over-Year for Thanksgiving Week

From Comscore
As expected, U.S. consumers migrated to online retail in the face of COVID-19 for their holiday shopping this year. Overall, visitation to retail websites during the week of Thanksgiving (Monday, Nov. 23 through Sunday, Nov. 29) was up 22 percent vs. the same week in 2019.
December 11, 2020 / Economy

As millions stay home, home furnishing sites see record spend and visitation

From Comscore
As millions of consumers are buying new homes and renovating their current homes during the COVID-19 pandemic, the retail home furnishings category has seen tremendous growth in both site traffic and spend.
November 4, 2020 / Culture

What will viewers watch on election night in battleground markets?

From Comscore
As we near Election Day 2020, Comscore took a closer look at the viewing trends in select battleground markets during this year’s unprecedented debate and election season to gain insights into where these viewers may be tuning in as results come in on election night.
October 16, 2020 / Culture

Online health in Europe

From Comscore
This week’s snapshot looks at the consumption of online health content and services in Europe. Our analysis includes statistics for France, Germany, Italy, Spain, and the UK, with EU5 averages for benchmarking purposes.
October 13, 2020 / Economy

How U.S. Auto Shoppers are Adapting in the Age of Covid

From Comscore
While the early pandemic months dealt a blow to auto sales industry-wide in the U.S., online shopper interest in the new vehicle market has clawed back from double digit year-over-year (YOY) losses in the spring of this year to just a few percentage points shy of last year’s shopper interest in the summer (and was even up YOY in July!).
September 18, 2020 / Economy

Comscore Uncovers the Impact of COVID-19 on Small Business Credit Card Applications

From Comscore
Year-over-year small business credit card application volume shrunk 41% in Q2 2020, but increased search activity signals renewed hope for the second half of 2020. New research found indications that interest from small businesses in small business credit cards may be rebounding after a loss in momentum in the first half of 2020.
September 11, 2020 / Culture

Comscore Research Finds Audiences Getting More Comfortable with Movie Theater Experience

From Comscore
A new survey of U.S. moviegoers from Comscore (NASDAQ: SCOR), a trusted partner for planning, transacting, and evaluating media across platforms, found that audiences are feeling more confident heading to the theater thanks to the expansive safety procedures implemented by exhibitors. The survey results, captured in conjunction with Screen Engine/ASI, demonstrate another positive indicator for the global theatrical industry’s road to recovery.
August 25, 2020 / Culture

Comscore Finds News Consumption Remains Significantly Higher Than Pre-Pandemic Levels

From Comscore
While audience traffic for certain categories are returning to normal, overall news consumption remains higher than pre-pandemic levels. Data suggest that millions of Americans continue to rely on media for vital information during the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic. Total visits to an aggregate of approximately 40 select news sites peaked during the week of April 13-19, 2020 with 8.5 billion total visits.
July 20, 2020 / Culture

Consumers flock to Sports & Outdoor Website Categories

From Comscore
It has now been four full months since the World Health Organizations (WHO) declared the coronavirus a global pandemic and the digital retail category continues to fluctuate. As COVID-19 forced both kids and adults to stay at home, we initially saw surges in visitation to retail categories like “Home Furnishings” and “Consumer Electronics.”
July 16, 2020 / Culture, Business

As Work-From-Home Numbers Rise, Collaboration Tools See Spikes in Usage

From Comscore
With Covid-19 changing the ways in which U.S. audiences are using online tools for socialization and work, we are also seeing large shifts in engagement with conferencing and collaboration tools. This blog post examines trends in collaboration platforms to find insights for the industry. It is estimated that American workers typically spend 220 million minutes per month just in meetings.
July 15, 2020 / Travel

Consumer Engagement with Travel Sites Dips with Resurgence of COVID-19 Cases

From Comscore
While April marked the low point of engagement in 2020 to date for travel brands, Comscore’s figures showed an increase in consumer interest across several travel categories beginning in May, signaling that the industry may have started to see a recovery.
July 13, 2020 / Culture

Research Finds Increased Audio Streaming During Coronavirus Pandemic

From Comscore
As at-home streaming activity saw an immediate uptick during the first stay-at-home orders (mid-March 2020), new research from Comscore (Nasdaq: SCOR), a trusted partner for planning, transacting and evaluating media across platforms, shows home audio streaming usage increased sharply beginning in early April 2020 and continued to rise through mid-June 2020.
July 13, 2020 / Travel

Summer holidays: abroad or at home?

From Comscore
Looking at visits to hotel and home sharing sites provides a good indication of interest in holidays. In all EU5 countries there was an increase in visits in May 2020 when compared with April 2020. For Germany and Italy, the visits index jumped above March 2020 levels, with 56% and 36% increases, respectively. For Spain and France visits to hotel and home sharing sites/apps almost returned to March 2020 levels, which is positive. The UK lags behind them.