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Sandalwood Advisors Ltd, commenced in 2015, is the leading alternative data vendor in Asia, with the largest data platform (14+ datasets). Our firm works closely with buy-side institutional investors. Our data/research is unique to Sandalwood, we don’t work with banks, brokers, or sell-side analysts.

Our niche is tracking Chinese consumer sales in real-time. We use multiple datasets to give clients the best data-driven view available in the market. Data covers over 1,000 global brands (US, EU, Asia) - Auto/EVs, Apparel/Retail, Cosmetics, Healthcare, Technology/Internet, etc.

Outside of China data, Sandalwood offers South Korea datasets (total of 5).

April 9, 2021 / Business

Haidilao Rides Silver Lining Performance Post-COVID

From Sandalwood
The food and beverage industry was the most impacted and devastated business during the COVID pandemic, costing hundreds of billions of dollars in revenue loss and millions of jobs shuttered across the globe. Haidilao (6862.HK), the most dominant hot pot chain in China with 1,298 stores globally and employing a workforce upwards of 15,000, was not spared from this devastation. But the famous hot pot chain’s losses due to the pandemic was short-lived and was largely confined to the first half of 2020. During the latter part of 2020, Haidilao saw a full recovery of its overall performance. Sandalwood data indicates a bounce back for the company’s overall daily sales value in late December 2020 to the same period a year ago.
April 5, 2021 / Economy

Will Xiaomi’s Positive Momentum Continue in 2021?

From Sandalwood
2020 was a great year for Xiaomi. As a starter, its solid online channels helped absorb the negative impact from Covid-19. Its new models (many featuring 5G at a steep discount vs. T1 players) outperformed the old ones which speaks volumes about the company’s strength in innovation. Furthermore, Xiaomi benefited from consumers shifting away from Huawei. Looking ahead, will Xiaomi continue its strength in 2021? How popular will the new models like Redmi K40 and Mi 11 Pro be?
March 3, 2021 / Investing

After Its Blockbuster IPO, Will Kuaishou Maintain Strong Momentum?

From Sandalwood
Kuaishou’s meteoric rise to the top culminated during its February 5, 2021 Hong Kong debut that raised $5.4 billion from its initial public offering, raising its shares nearly 200%. The blockbuster deal placed Kuaishou at the top as the world’s biggest internet IPO since Uber Technologies Inc.’s $8.1 billion share sale in the US in May 2019.
February 3, 2021 / Business

Opportunities Rise As Market Grows For China’s Community Group Buying

From Sandalwood
Community group buying, an e-commerce model of group purchases by residents within the same neighborhood, is becoming increasingly popular since the second half of 2020. This industry sprang out in 2018, but got suppressed in 2019 due to poor regulations. However, after its re-entry into 2020 and the impact of COVID, on-demand grocery markets became the hottest topic again.